Exterior Painting

For exterior finishes, you will probably be working with old flaking paint on the siding, trim, gutters and downspouts. This needs to be removed before you put a fresh coat of paint on. The most effective approach would be to begin with a power washing with water to remove the majority of the damage and then use a paint scraper to remove the remaining flaking, chipped or blistered paint.

Paint Selection

We proudly use only high quality Sherwin-Williams Paints. This step is essential to an attractive and long-lasting result.It also ensures that we will most likely get the job done in one-coat, be abrasion-resistant and remain good looking for a longer period of time. It is worth doing the job right the first time by using Professional grade material.Below are a few tips on what type of paint should be used for applications.

Oil-base semi-gloss enamel should be used for surfaces that have any suface rust,including metal roofing or siding. Although new advances in latex paint are making latex just as durable in some cases.

A High-quality 100-percent-acrylic latex satin wall paint should be used on other surfaces.

Exterior paint should be selected according to the material that you are painting. There are special paints designed to work with different materials.