Metal Roof Painting

Don’t replace your metal roof, Restore it for a fraction of the cost with Pittsburgh Paint!

Pittsburgh Paint has been preserving and restoring metal roofs for 85 years. Pittsburgh Paint continues to be the leading company in the production and development of metal roof paint as well as for steel siding paint for metal buildings. Both Pittsburgh and McCormick paints come in a large variety of colors.

They are ideal for use in conjunction with a preventive maintenance program, or in metal roof repair projects. Pittsburgh Paint metal roof and siding products are uniquely developed to withstand the harsh treatment that weather, salt spray and ultra-violet degradation can inflict on a metal roof and other steel structures. Our paint features excellent one-coat coverage with tenacious adhesion and dries quickly for a long lasting protective and decorative finish. Pittsburgh Paint resists peeling, fading and blistering. It exhibits outstanding film durability and color fastness. You may apply this exceptional coating by brush, roller or even spray it on. This product is mold and mildew resistant, it has low odor, and will coat most surfaces without a primer. Metal roofs have been known to last hundreds of years with proper maintenance. Pittsburgh Paint is dedicated to helping you maintain your metal roof and siding for many years.